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Generate POWER PEACE OF MIND this summer with a standby generator

Our reliance on electricity is more significant than ever and so, too, is the importance of
investing in a home standby generator. With severe summer storms right around the corner, it
isn’t too early to begin thinking about giving yourself POWER PEACE OF MIND by investing in a
home standby generator. And by working with a trusted and knowledgeable dealer, the entire
process can be effortless.
“A lot of people think that since a home generator is installed outdoors, the work can only be
completed when the weather is nice,” says Kyle Zomer, Generator Production Manager at
Adams. “In reality, we install generators year-round, regardless of the weather conditions.”
If you’re thinking about investing in an automatic home standby generator, here’s what you
need to know.

Buy a brand you can count on

Buying and installing a generator should be an easy, seamless process. So, the best thing to do is
partner with a reputable dealer that will help identify the best solution for your specific needs.
“Our sales staff always goes to the customer’s home to find out what their individual needs
are,” says Cole Hubble, VP of the Generator Division at Adams. “This allows us to come up with
a customized solution that best fits the homeowner’s unique needs. Being a Premier Generac
Dealer, we can provide our customers many options as it relates to their budget, installation and
ongoing support and maintenance.”
It’s also important to consider the credibility of the brand itself. For example, a generator
manufacturer like Generac has been in business for over 65 years and is the market share
leader, with 8 out of 10 homeowners choosing Generac. Their proven track record of reliability
gives homeowners confidence that they’re getting a great product – sold, installed, and
supported by Adams.

Making the process easy for you

Once you’ve decided on a particular standby generator, it’s time to get the installation process
started. Partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable dealer can make all the difference.

“Installing a standby generator requires some front-end work, like permitting. But we handle all
of it, making the entire process easy and straightforward for our customers,” Zomer says.

Once the front-end coordination is handled, the Adams installation crew completes the
installation typically within one day.

“We don’t use subcontractors for anything,” Zomer points out. “That not only helps Adams
maintain workmanship and control over the installation process, but also makes things seamless
and easy for our customers because their point of contact is always their Adams sales
professional. And our ability to provide fast turnaround is possible because Adams runs a full
turnkey operation

Why expertise matters

Some dealers dabble in generators. Others, like Adams, specialize in generators.

Adams has an entire team that’s dedicated to the generator business. That team includes
factory-certified technicians and trained sales and support staff. “Our people are what separate
us from other dealers,” Hubble says. “We have an amazing team that is highly invested in
ensuring our customers love partnering with Adams.”

That experience doesn’t stop once the generator is installed, either.

Hubble adds, “Our sales and production staff work closely as one team to make sure the
customer is taken care of not only through the installation process, but also through the life of
their generator as our commitment is to deliver exceptional experiences that create lifelong
customer relationships.”

Case in point, Adams’ team of dedicated factory-certified technicians provides 24/7/365
emergency service and warranty support. And now, thanks to wireless internet technology,
Adams can remotely monitor a customer’s standby generator, helping identify any potential
concerns or when regular maintenance is needed. This helps technicians ensure that a
customer’s generator will be ready to perform whenever it’s needed, which is what POWER
PEACE OF MIND is all about.

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