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We engaged Adams to plan and install a comprehensive solar power system on our property near Eagle, Wisconsin. We thoroughly investigated other similar systems and checked references given to us by Adams. The project was completed on time and we couldn’t be happier. Emilio Huerta and the team from Adams exceeded our admittedly high expectations. A great experience from beginning to end!

Howard W.

Had Adams add solar panels to my roof last October. They did an excellent job and the panels have been working stupendously for the last 9 months. I love that fact that I have an app on my phone and it shows me exactly how must power is being generated by the panels and how much I'm using of the grid. Last month my TOTAL electric bill was $3.97! I highly recommend Adams for solar panels. Their estimate was fair; the work was accomplished very professionally and in a timely manner; and I am very happy with the outcome. I have a semiannual HVAC inspection/tune-up from Adams. Great service. Professional team. Highly recommend Adams for HVAC as well.

Michael K.

They finished on time with great workmanship. Saved money by not overselling what we need. My main concern was roof leaking. After 2 years no issues and saving $200.00 per month.

James V.

Adams installed solar on our home and it was a smooth, quick and professional job! We could not be happier as our electric bills are way down and even on cold days it usually generates more power than we use so we are selling power back to We Energies! With electric rates continuing to go up this really helps now and even more down the road.

John H.

Our residential solar installation is working well. Adams uses top tier solar panels, which was an important consideration. They took care of all of the paperwork, applications and energy credits. Staff were very courteous and professional and addressed all of our questions and concerns. I would recommend Adams to anyone looking for a solar installation.

Nancy L.

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