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Terms and conditions


The above prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. You are authorized to do the work as specified. Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will become an extra charge over and above the estimate on a T&M (time & material) basis at our hourly rate as of the date of execution of this agreement. All agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. Customer/Owner is to carry fire, tornado, and other necessary Insurance.


50% down, balance upon completion. I(we) agree to pay a service charge of $25.00 for any checks returned from my(our) bank unpaid for any reason. I(we) will pay all expenses, including actual attorney’s fees and all collection costs incurred by Adams, in the enforcement of this agreement and the collection of any charges due hereunder. I(we) agree to pay interest at a rate of 18% per annum on all unpaid invoices over 30 days old.

As required by the Wisconsin Construction Lien Law, Builder hereby notifies owner that persons or companies furnishing labor or materials for the construction on owner’s land may have lien rights on owner’s land and buildings If not paid. Those entitled to lien rights, in addition to the above signed builder, are those who contract directly with the owner or those who give the owner notice within 60 days after they first furnish labor or materials for the construction. Accordingly, owner probably will receive notices from those who furnish labor or materials for the construction and should give a copy of each notice received to his mortgage lender, If any. Builder agrees to cooperate with the owner and his lender, to see that all potential lien claimants are duly paid.


Adams shall do all work in a competent, workman like manor. Adams IS not responsible for any existing or unforeseen illegal conditions. Customer is responsible to inform Adams of any known defects In their electrical or mechanical systems.


Adams shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Adams IS not responsible for: defective or unforeseen site conditions; work performed by, or materials supplied or installed by others; defects and failures from mistreatment or neglect otherwise not caused by defects in Adams’ materials or workmanship; mold development or mold detection of any kind. 


Adams is not responsible for unforeseen site conditions, i.e., rocks, bedrock. frost, Customer utilities (including but not limited to, irrigation, communication, electrical, plumbing, sewage and drainage lines), old tanks, etc. Adams will re-fill trenches, however final restoration and finish grading/ landscaping are the Customer’s responsibility.


Unless otherwise stated in the contract, any handholes/wall repairs required to perform our services will be the Customer’s responsibility. 


Customer agrees to remove or protect any personal property, inside and out, including but not limited to carpets, rugs, shrubs and plantings, and Adams shall not be responsible for said Items. Nor shall Adams be held responsible for the natural consequences of Adams’s work which may cause damage to improvements to real property including, but not limited to, curbs, sidewalks, walks, driveways, garages, patios, lawns, sprinkler systems, wallpaper, drywall, stucco, tile, cabinets and other appurtenances or real property.

Adams shall not be held responsible for damage to personal property, real property or any improvements to real property caused by persons delivering materials or equipment, or keeping gates and doors closed for children or animals.


Adams provides a warranty for material furnished for the warranty period of one year from completion unless otherwise stated in writing on the contract or estimate provided. All warranties are void if payment is not made when due. Warranties extend only to the Customer and are not transferable. Adams will not provide any warranty on material provided by the Customer. 


Adams provides a one-year warranty on workmanship. Warranties extend only to the Customer and are not transferable.


No warranty, expressed or implied, is provided for any existing systems or appliances. Any alteration, additions, or repairs made by others, unless authorized or agreed upon by Adams, will be cause to terminate Adams’ obligation under this contract. “THE LIMITED WARRANTY(S) OUTLINED ABOVE IS THE ONLY WARRANTY ADAMS MAKES. ADAMS MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAIR PURPOSE FOR GOODS SOLD, OR ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.” 


This is the entire agreement. The parties are not bond by any oral expression or representation by any agent purporting to act on their behalf, or by any commitment, or arrangement herein. The agreement binds Jointly and severally all signing as Customer, their heirs, representations, successors, and assigns.