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Prepare For a Power Outage in 4 Easy Steps


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The unpredictability of weather can leave us all feeling vulnerable. A bright, sunny morning can morph into a torrential downpour within minutes, disrupting our routines and schedules. This same unpredictability extends to the power grid. Severe weather events can wreak havoc on power lines, plunging us into darkness and leaving us scrambling for solutions. Power outages can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. In the midwest, we can experience snow, ice, lightning, wind, and rain… year round. So the threat of a power outage is real. With the help of the American Red Cross, we have put together a short, 4 step checklist to help you be prepared for the next power outage.

Step 1: Put Together a Power Outage Emergency Kit

Power Outage Emergency Kit
Having the right supplies available and ready to use in the event of an emergency is critical to being prepared. You will want to put together an emergency kit with the following items:

-Essential, Non-Perishable Food
-Water (Think 1 Gallon Per Person Per Day)
-Dedicated Flashlights and Extra Batteries
-Weather Radio
-First-Aid & Medical Items
-Copies of Important Documents


-Prepare a 3-day supply for evacuation (when people immediately leave an area that poses a threat to life or property)
-Prepare a 2-week supply for confinement (when people cannot leave an area due to an external/outside threat to life or safety)
-If your non-perishables are in cans, add a can opener to your emergency kit

Step 2: Make a Power Outage Plan

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Talk to your family about designated meeting places in the event you get separated. Decide on an external emergency contact who does not live with you and make sure everyone in your family has their information. Develop an actual evacuation plan and practice/discuss your plan at least twice a year with your family. Include any pets in your plan as it will make the emergency process much less stressful on you and your family.

-Have one location just outside your home (think across the street or at a neighbor’s house)
-Have one location just outside your neighborhood (think the nearest school or gas station)


Step 3: Be Informed

Radar image of the weather
Know what kinds of disasters and emergencies are likely to occur in your area. Monitor the news if a WATCH or a WARNING is issued. Don’t know the difference between a WATCH and a WARNING? Click here to find out. At least one family member should possess knowledge of first-aid and CPR. For information on how you can get CPR Certified, goto the American Red Cross website here.

Taking the time to plan now will help you later in the event that you have a power outage. For more in-depth information on how you can prepare for a power outage, goto redcross.org/get-help.


Step 4: Have a Backup Plan

An automatic home standby generator offers a beacon of predictability in these unpredictable times. Unlike portable generators that require manual operation and refueling, standby generators are permanently installed and wired directly into your home’s electrical system. They typically run on natural gas, eliminating the need to store gasoline, which can degrade over time.

Here’s how a standby generator provides peace of mind during power outages:

  • Automatic Backup Power: Standby generators automatically detect a power outage and kick in within seconds, restoring power to your home. No more fumbling with flashlights or waiting on utility crews in the dark.
  • Essential Appliances Running: With a properly sized standby generator, you can keep essential appliances running during an outage. This includes refrigerators and freezers, preventing food spoilage. You can also power sump pumps to avoid flooding in basements, and keep heating and air conditioning systems functioning for continued comfort.
  • Safety and Security: Power outages can disrupt security systems and leave you vulnerable. A standby generator ensures your home remains illuminated and your security system operational.
  • Predictability and Reduced Stress: Knowing you have a reliable backup power source during unpredictable weather events can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. You can focus on staying safe and comfortable while the generator takes care of the rest.

Standby generators are automatic, require minimal maintenance, and provide a permanent and reliable source of backup power during unpredictable weather events, giving you peace of mind and a sense of control.


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