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What Every Homeowner Should Know When Buying A Standby Generator

Every homeowner wants to know that they’re purchasing a high-quality standby generator that will provide years of reliable service. As important as that is, the quality and reliability of the dealer you purchase from is just as important.

A good dealer will not only sell you a great generator, but will also:

  • guide you toward the right solution for you and your home

  • make the purchase and installation process as easy as possible

  • ensure that you’ll have the technical support you’ll eventually need after the sale

Here are some important things every homeowner should know about the dealer they’re buying a standby generator from.

Experience, capabilities and reputation

How long has the company been in the business of selling and installing generators? Are they actually in the generator business or just dabble in them? While experience isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting a dealer, it is certainly reassuring when the dealer has been in business a long time — perhaps 10, 20 or even 30-plus years. That said, it’s more about what the dealer has been able to accomplish throughout their time in business.

You’ll know a lot about a dealer by their credentials. First of all, it’s vital to work with an authorized dealer of a leading brand of generators. Authorized dealers commit significant resources to inventory and technical training. Dealers with additional credentials, such as Generac PowerPro Premier Dealer status, provide added peace of mind. Credentialed dealers have a proven track record in customer service and product support.

Speaking of product support, an authorized generator dealer will have numerous factory-trained technicians on hand to ensure 24/7 emergency service, as well as ongoing factory authorized warranty and maintenance support of your generator. Most companies that occasionally installs generators do not have factory licensed and trained technicians to work on your equipment.

To help service and maintain your generator system, a reliable, authorized dealer will also have a complete inventory of factory certified replacement parts. Furthermore, each technician’s service truck will be fully stocked with the common items needed to get a generator serviced as quickly as possible.

One of the best ways to pre-screen a dealer’s capabilities is to find out what other people think. Online reviews make it pretty easy nowadays. And don’t be afraid to ask the dealer for a few of their customers you could reach out to; a good dealer won’t be intimidated by that.

It’s also helpful to ask for photos of past generator installations so you can see the type of work the dealer does. A good dealer that’s proud of their work will likely have image galleries already on their website and social media pages. Do the generators meld well with the home and landscaping? Do they appear level? Are they resting on some type of solid foundation like a concrete pad? You can tell a lot about a dealer from the quality of their installations.

Does the dealer make things simple?

The best generator dealers also make the process as seamless as possible for the homeowner — from the initial sale through the installation and over the life of the equipment.

It’s important to consider how quickly the dealer can have your generator system up and running. If the dealer can’t give you a clear indication of when they’re going to come and install it, that’s a red flag. Quality dealers will have an ample stock of all makes and models of generators with the right teams and equipment ready to install them.

Financing is another thing to know about. Authorized dealers will typically have access to manufacturer-provided financing plans, which typically offer attractive terms and incentives. That sure beats having to make an appointment at a bank to try obtaining a personal loan.

Once the sale is complete, a good generator dealer will involve the customer in the process of determining where the generator should be installed. Choosing the best location is about balancing homeowner preference and cost, and that requires collaboration between the dealer and the homeowner.

A good dealer will then make sure all necessary permitting is taken care of before the installation takes place. To maintain transparency, permits and fees should be itemized on the final receipt given to the customer.

Additionally, make sure you understand the warranty. A good dealer will take the time to explain this to you, while also helping you complete the registration form. This is also a good time to ask about any extended warranties or maintenance packages the dealer might offer. Many homeowners might find a lot of value in having that extra peace of mind.

Finally, the right dealer will be a single source provider. From sale to installation, permitting, underground utility location, gas work, concrete pad work, electrical, inspection, startup, maintenance and warranty – you want to make one call that will cover it all.

If you want to learn more about a custom-designed standby generator solution for your home or business, give the professionals at Adams a call at 262-723-6565 or fill out the brief contact form on their website.

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